Hello, I am sad to say  I regret I am a little bad with updating my web page . Facebook seems so easy , but I promise to be more diligent.
Have been working on my art inventory  for next year to combine music and art with my vintage RV trailer  for events . Fun to travel and  enjoying creating things along the way.
I am starting to book music again, so as you can see my schedule is picking up for the coming year.
Hope to see you soon !

Hill Country Magazine 

I am so lucky that I am included in this month's issue. Available at Many major bookstores and numerous other locations around Texas. The story was written by Alan Kimble. He and Madonna Kimble are super talented as well.  Look for it !

New Promo Shots 

Yes,time to update the photos. These are done by Tomas Patin. He is a fabulous photographer living in Austin, Tx. Should be ready in the next week or so .

Newest news from me 

What a journey it's been. I think for many others as well.
I am in a new direction these days. A lifetime of being a secret artist  has grown stronger in the last couple of years.  I am embarking on a new venture including workshops,a combination of art and music . Bear with me. I'll be doing  fewer shows for the spring. but  I'll keep you posted. Travel, art and music, who could ask for more ?